Winter walks

Heading out

Adam and I are like puppies: we get frantic and anxious if we don’t get our daily walk. Too much nervous energy. So Saturday mornings we usually pack up the Bee and head out for a spin around Wirth Lake.

There are a lot of reasons why we still carry around Beatrice in the front carrier. For one, she’s always warm and snuggly in there, even when it’s 20 degrees out. But mainly we just like having her close.

Adam and the Bee

When she’s not strapped to us she’s a really active baby, so we take all the snuggle time we can get. Now that she’s taking a regular morning and afternoon nap, we try to time the walk pre-nap, so we can enjoy spending time with her and then enjoy some time to ourselves after we get home and she goes down.

Three of us in the winter

Somedays we don’t quite make it.

When we walk I dream of the days we’ll have here this summer, playing in the lake and at the beach. It takes a bit of imagination.

No swimming

But the playground is still good in the winter. I think we get more excited about it than she does, but she gamely tries the swing and slide with us.

Baby snowtime


Beatrice by the 2-5 Tugboat

When she’s all played out we head home. We both pour another cup of coffee and settle in, coaxing a sometimes reluctant girl into her morning nap. On special days, with the winter sun is just so and the blankets and cats are extra cozy, we get lulled into joining her ourselves.

Beatrice on her way to a nap


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