Four favorite pumpkin recipes

Memes are funny because they are true, and this one made me laugh out loud. While I am not a pumpkin spice latte drinker, I am a white girl wearing yoga pants at this very moment and I do like fall. (Image found here, or all over Pinterest.) So here’s my (possibly inevitable) entry into the […]

How to make green smoothies a part of your life

We have a confession: we’ve become green smoothie addicts. We know, we know, green smoothies are super trendy. But friends, they are worth the hype. They make you feel so amazing. We’re more than seven months into our addiction, if we forgot to make them on the weekend we wonder why we feel so sluggish […]

12 great Christmas brunch recipes

Last year we shared eight great holiday appetizer recipes for you to take to parties or share with your guests. This year, by request, it’s Christmas brunch! For several years I hosted a holiday brunch for my dad’s side of the family — aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents — and when nearly everyone can make it […]

Placemats and grace: My grandma’s pasta sauce

I could go on for chapters about how amazing my Grandma Eunie is. I’ll try to keep it brief. When my grandma was a girl, she farmed alongside her dad, mother, brother, and sisters. When the snow was too deep for a horse or the car, she used cross-country skis to get to school. Jeans […]

Farmers Markets without Fear — Reviewing Beth Dooley’s Minnesota’s Bounty: The Farmers Market Cookbook

Naptime beckoned, and I had just one more email to write before I could answer its call. A few more words, then done — my email to author Beth Dooley sent, and I closed my laptop, rolled over, and closed my eyes as Blythe snoozed nearby. My email echoed in my ears as I nodded […]

Stocking the freezer: Make-ahead breakfast recipes

We like hot breakfasts, and our kids do, too. Having a few make-ahead breakfast recipes in your freezer helps ensure that a hectic morning doesn’t need to be a hungry one. Morning Glory Muffins From Cooking Light These are the muffins you make what you want something healthy… a muffin that you can eat without […]

Stocking the freezer: 8 make-ahead sauce recipes

If you’re new to freezing meals or nervous after failed results (I count myself in this category), make-ahead sauce recipes are a good place to start. They go together quickly — the first three recipes get tossed in the blender and pureed. It’s easy to manage their smaller size and they typically freeze and reheat […]

Stocking the freezer: 10 great make-ahead casserole recipes

There’s nothing like pulling a complete meal out of the freezer and having dinner ready in an hour or less. No prep, no pans, and just a few dishes. A few tips for successful casserole reheating: Defrost the casserole overnight and all day (while you are at work) in the fridge, or all day on […]