Archives for January 2012

Night running

Confession: I get nervous taking the baby out of the house. I do it, a lot, but given a choice I always like to have her at home. I love putting her down for a nap in a quiet house — it fills me with an overwhelming feeling of peacefulness and joy at being a […]

When your house has no cookies, and you want them, fast: quick chocolate chip bars

Do you have 10 minutes and a hankering for something sweet? Of course you do. Then let’s make chocolate chip bars, the unfussy and quick little sis to chocolate chip cookies. When I was growing up, days at the lake were not complete without a pan of my aunt’s chocolate chip bars. She graciously shared […]

Gear guide: How to cloth diaper

I knew I wanted to but I was really intimidated about figuring out how to cloth diaper. Covers and all-in-ones, friends and family who raised their eyebrows (I’m looking at you, mom, who was skeptical even though you’d cloth diapered me and my brother as babies!) — it all made me insecure. Plus, I had […]

Packing in a pack-n-play: Winter camping with a baby

Every year for the last three years Adam and I have rented a rustic cabin at Lake Maria State Park, the kind you have to snowshoe in to and then heat with a fire in a wood stove. We started doing this because I wanted a Christmas tradition that was ours, and a quiet night […]

How to plan a Harry Potter party

Last year my son discovered Harry Potter. We’d tried reading the first book when he was in third grade, but we didn’t finish it because it got too scary. Half way through fourth grade, though, he tried again and was hooked. He read all seven books within a few months and I read along with […]

I had a heart attack. For real.

“I think there’s something wrong with me. In case I don’t get back in time, you’d better stay here and take Owen to camp.” I said something like this to my husband around 8:30 a.m. on a Sunday morning last August, after I’d spent the whole night awake, whimpering in pain and popping Advil four […]