Welcome to our tutorials! (Or, how we tried something and what happened, to hopefully spare you our mistakes.)

How to switch to natural deodorant

Remember my New Year’s Resolution to go more organic with my health and beauty supplies? Well I wanted to share with you what I’ve learned about natural deodorants, because they can be kind of intimidating. I’ve been using natural deodorants for years, but had gotten lazy and drifted back after Blythe was born. This year […]

How to unleash your hidden curl: A secret recipe for straight haired girls

A couple of months ago I met my friend Phoebe for happy hour and she showed up with these gorgeous curly locks. The whole time I’ve know her she’s always had straight hair like me, and now, this amazing hair! I sat there in curl envy for a while, and then broke down and asked her how she […]

How to sew burp cloths, baby quilts, bibs, toys, and more: 10 great baby sewing tutorials

Sewing for babies is just about the easiest and most satisfying sewing work you can do. The projects are small so they whip up fast, and with the long lead time (9 months!) you can mosey your way through them. I did a LOT of sewing for Beatrice (not so much for Blythe, but she […]

How to make green smoothies a part of your life

We have a confession: we’ve become green smoothie addicts. We know, we know, green smoothies are super trendy. But friends, they are worth the hype. They make you feel so amazing. We’re more than seven months into our addiction, if we forgot to make them on the weekend we wonder why we feel so sluggish […]

How to make fabric ornament gift tags

If you are all done shopping but have yet to wrap up your gifts (and you still have the emotional and mental capacity for crafting), these gift tags are so cute — and fast and easy. I found this idea on Pinterest (naturally) last year, and my partner-in-crafting-crime Kristen and I set about making several […]

How to make tag and twine gift sets

This was my absolute favorite gift project last year, and might be for a few years to come. It’s pretty, practical, and paper — bundled up in cute packaging. All of my favorite things. I made several of these for gifts for friends and teachers at a total cost of about $7 each. Each little […]

How to make a fort kit

Last holiday season I had significantly more time than I ever have for Christmas prep. My youngest was in all-day kindergarten and I was, for many hours at a time, a stay-at-home-alone-mom. I filled the time by making nearly every gift project I ever pinned, like these fort kits. I got my inspiration from this […]

How to make a simple pedestal tray

This project is so easy it really doesn’t need any more than this picture, and while it is certainly not the most original idea, I think it is worth sharing for its versatility. I made these pedestal trays a year ago and I use them at virtually every party, holiday, or decorating occasion. It’s fast, […]