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How to make your Advent calendar work for you

There are hundreds of adorable Advent calendar ideas out there. This post, however, is not about how to make the cutest. one. ever. Instead, it’s about making the Advent calendar work for you. I have been doing Advent calendars for my boys for three years; this year is the fourth. I started it on a whim, got […]

The lucky ones

Last year on this very day, I wrote this post about my littlest blessing — my oldest son Owen, born too soon and too small more than 12 years ago. Today is World Prematurity Day, and rereading that post brought the same tears and gratitude it did when I wrote it, the tears I shed […]

Jen’s 10 Party Hacks

I like to throw parties. I think that much has been pretty well established here on Borealis. I also like writing party posts. I write them because I love reading them; I’ve gotten most of my best ideas from others’ blogs. Party posts mean I get to share my cute photos and pay it forward […]

Dinner time, two ways — Fresh ideas for meal planning

Jen and I were exchanging ideas about making life easier the other day and realized that we have dramatically opposed notions about meal planning. What sounds efficient to her sounds draconian to me, and I’m sure my structure-less “plan” sounds like a recipe for chaos (or at least takeout) to her. So we decided to […]