Archives for February 2012

Winter walks

Adam and I are like puppies: we get frantic and anxious if we don’t get our daily walk. Too much nervous energy. So Saturday mornings we usually pack up the Bee and head out for a spin around Wirth Lake. There are a lot of reasons why we still carry around Beatrice in the front […]

Remedial date hair

I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been with Adam since I was 18 (and thus have never developed proper dating skills) or because I went to high school during the grunge era (and thus cultivated a lifelong aversion to fussiness), but I suck at getting dressed up to go out. Last weekend I was […]

Yoga power

I heart yoga. I started about 18 months ago, shortly after leaving my full-time job. It had been on my I-really-should-but-don’t-have-time list for years, and I finally screwed up my courage and took a beginner’s class at a studio down the street from me. I had the best teacher who seemed to read my mind […]

Fun with carbon monoxide

I wasn’t going to write about this but then thought: what is northern life without an occasional carbon monoxide scare? So: I’d been noticing that Adam and I were feeling slightly sick every weekend. Not real sick, but tired, headache-y, lightheaded — a general malaise. And last weekend it was even worse: Saturday I just […]

Valentine’s Day dinner . . . for four

I can’t remember the last time my husband and I went out for Valentine’s Day. I think it was an early seating at some popular place more than 10 years ago. They’d clearly brought in extra tables and I was closer to the person next to me on the banquette than my husband across the […]

Doing it all: Glass Ceilings & 100-Hour Couples book review

Like most women my age (early 30s), I was raised with the belief I could do anything. I did well in school, did well in college, graduated and got a job, and climbed the ladder to upper-middle management (picking up a graduate degree on the way). Then I paused before my fertile years washed away […]

Sewing (and hoping) for babies

Nursery (with handsewn Boppy cover), two weeks before Beatrice arrived I love sewing for babies. You have tons of lead time (9 months!) and they are tiny, so everything sews up really quickly. Before I was pregnant with Beatrice, I was really weird and superstitious about buying anything. But I did allow myself to start […]

How to plan a family 5K

I love saying I’m a race director. It doesn’t matter that my race is just a family-reunion 5K, or that our course doesn’t stand a chance of certification. I’m in the race management company’s database as a “race director,” and that’s good enough for me. I always did love role playing. As a girl I […]