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What I didn’t expect

I don’t think I’m ready to write about my birth story yet (although it went well) and I’m nervous to write too much about how things are going lest I jinx it. But it’s incredible how much easier and more enjoyable having a baby is the second time around. As I use various techniques to […]

Clickery for January 25, 2013

Welcome to Clickery, a weekly feature where we share things we like because maybe you’ll like them too. Breanne’s Links Peanut butter and almond butter are both fantastic, so how amazing would toasted coconut butter be? This two-ingredient recipe couldn’t be easier. Polarn O. Pyret is coming out with four fun patterns for spring (the […]

A baby!

She’s here! I’m pleased to announce that we welcomed a baby girl to our family on Saturday morning at 1:38 a.m. I worked Friday, went into labor Friday evening, and had the baby right after midnight! In the maternal assessment center upon arrival at the hospital, contractions 2-3 minutes apart. If Adam would have taken […]

How to make a paper heart garland

Here’s a easy, pretty paper heart garland to decorate for Valentine’s Day. It features my favorite way to sew: imperfectly, on paper. It’s really so simple:

Clickery for January 18, 2013

Welcome to Clickery, a weekly feature where we share things we like because maybe you’ll like them too. Breanne’s Links Here’s a great free printable one-page calendar, from A Pair of Pears, if you were looking for a good one-page calendar to track exercise or other milestones of the year. They also offer sweet free mini […]

Stocking the freezer: Make-ahead breakfast recipes

We like hot breakfasts, and our kids do, too. Having a few make-ahead breakfast recipes in your freezer helps ensure that a hectic morning doesn’t need to be a hungry one. Morning Glory Muffins From Cooking Light These are the muffins you make what you want something healthy… a muffin that you can eat without […]

Stocking the freezer: 8 make-ahead sauce recipes

If you’re new to freezing meals or nervous after failed results (I count myself in this category), make-ahead sauce recipes are a good place to start. They go together quickly — the first three recipes get tossed in the blender and pureed. It’s easy to manage their smaller size and they typically freeze and reheat […]

Stocking the freezer: 10 great make-ahead casserole recipes

There’s nothing like pulling a complete meal out of the freezer and having dinner ready in an hour or less. No prep, no pans, and just a few dishes. A few tips for successful casserole reheating: Defrost the casserole overnight and all day (while you are at work) in the fridge, or all day on […]