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Clickery for September 29, 2013

Welcome to Clickery, a weekly feature where we share things we like because maybe you’ll like them too.  Jen’s Links I love Pixar movies and I love storytelling and I love pithy quotes over images. Consequently, this is very satisfying: 22 storytelling lessons from Pixar studios, in images. E-mail etiquette at work: The Worst Kind […]

How to make a simple pedestal tray

This project is so easy it really doesn’t need any more than this picture, and while it is certainly not the most original idea, I think it is worth sharing for its versatility. I made these pedestal trays a year ago and I use them at virtually every party, holiday, or decorating occasion. It’s fast, […]

The importance of fall

Fall comes just in time, doesn’t it? Although our children sprouted like the weeds in our yard this summer, and blossomed under Adam’s daily care, it was time to return to a life of structure. And discipline. And clothes. By the end of the summer our little heathen was refusing to wear pajamas at night. […]

Pinterest made me do it

I am going back to work on Monday after three years at home with my kids. Three years that corresponded with my discovery (and the popular explosion) of Pinterest. It was a serendipitous collision of 10 years worth of deferred organizing, cooking, cleaning, crafting, and homemaking energy and a new source of endless inspiration and […]

How to plan a Super Mario Brothers party

My son Noah is almost as obsessed with Super Mario Brothers this year as he was with Star Wars last year. So it is no surprise that he requested a Super Mario Brothers party for his 6th birthday. Since his dad and I played the original Super Mario Brothers (heck, we even played the prequel, […]

Baby names we love

One of the best parts about Facebook is seeing the parade of baby names that comes across my feed, as friends far and wide share pics of their adorably wrinkled newborns. I love the new trendy names (Ava), I love the classics (Elizabeth), I love the fun nicknames (Izzy!), and I love puzzling over the […]

Fashion, explained #2: Kristen on buying in multiples, the strategic use of a bold accessories, and dressing for your shape

Dress – Macy’s Necklace – unknown Tiered layers are really flattering. Remember when my friend Allie taught us how to pair colors in fresh ways? And how to mix patterns and cardigans and belts? And urged us to get some accessories in metallic, fluorescent, leather, or wood? Allie’s post was the first in our fashion […]