Borealis gift guide – Something you want

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This year we’re collecting our gift ideas into four categories in the spirit of the “Something to wear, something to read, something you want, something you need” philosophy. Something to read was our first post; here is our second!

 Borealis Gift Guide: Something you want:


Tablet Cover - Faribault Woolen Mill Company

Two of our favorite brands came together — Caribou Coffee and Faribault Woolen Mills — to make pretty iPad covers and coffee tumblers with little woolen sleeves. – Breanne

A statement necklace, like this one from Minnesota designer Realia by Jen, or this cool cameo bib from another Minnesota designer, Larissa Loden (or a Katniss fangirl necklace from Larissa Loden too). Did I mention necklace? – Jen

I want this alpaca infinity scarf. Badly. And I’d never buy it, which is why it makes a perfect gift for any woman on your list. Cuyana. – Jen


 Sweet Honey - Large Beeswax CandleCandles made from locally sourced honey add a peaceful glow to these early cold nights. Tapers always feel elegant.

I know lots of kids (all kids everywhere?) who would love this — and lots of parents who would too. My kids have cardboard schemes going on all the time. What if they had some punches, fasteners, hinges, and a safe saw to make it all come together? It’s the fort kit, for cardboard. Brilliant. Makedo comes in all kinds of set styles and price points. (And there are three boys in my house getting one this year.) – Jen

I want silence. He wants music. I don’t know why it took me 20 years to figure out this gift idea for my former-DJ husband: Headphones from Marshall, famous for their rock and roll amps. (I’m counting on him know this so I earn maximum cool-wife points. He has to know this, right?) – Jen

So pretty. And practical. – Breanne

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