Collected Wisdom

When we need to know something, we turn to our friends for advice. Put together, we call that advice Collected Wisdom.

I tried Rent the Runway

I am an accomplished online shopper. I can buy anything and everything online — shoes, clothes, furniture, jewelry, makeup — including those things people say they need to see, try, feel, and touch. Maybe it’s because I hate shopping SO MUCH, or maybe it’s because after nearly 41 years, I know what cuts, fits, colors, […]

Top 14 posts of 2014

Today is the end of our third full year of blogging, and as is tradition, we end the year with our most-read posts of 2014. We chose 14 (seven each), plus one bonus guest post that was the most-read post of any we published in 2014. The top post of 2014 The gift of Hannah: […]

Mama’s big adventure (Guest post)

My friend Heidi is mama to a toddler and travels the world doing original research for her doctoral thesis in anthropology, while teaching and presenting around this country too. To say she’s leaning in is an understatement. I’m so proud of her and in awe of her courage — one trip involved several days’ travel on […]

What’s surprising about having two kids

About six months into life with two kids, I felt overwhelmed, and felt overwhelmed about feeling overwhelmed. “Really?!” I berated myself. “It’s just two kids. Why is it so hard?” I’d done my research putting together Baby makes four: Advice for having your second child, but now that I’d survived the first few months, I […]

8 ways to make starting a new job easier

Jen and I both started new jobs in the past few months and realized how rusty we were at the whole new job thing. When you start a new job you want to sweep in and be successful, smart, and awesome, but instead you don’t know where anything is, how things work, or what you […]

Taking Sheryl Sandberg’s Free Advice (Guest post)

We’ve got women and careers on the brain at Borealis, with Jen’s last Clickery post and Kristin’s story of staying home with her kids for 10 months. Amanda, my friend and marathon buddy on hiatus (we managed to run marathons after our babies but not together — maybe we’ll reunite in ’14?), contributed this thought-provoking […]

Trading money for time: What I learned during my 10 months home with my kids (Guest post)

My friend Kristin’s story of her unexpected decision to stay at home with her kids for 10 months comes at the perfect time for our reflection lately on women and work. I’m so grateful she shared her story of having the guts to do what a lot of us dream about and the real truth […]

Fashion, explained #1: Allie on pairing colors, rethinking what you already own, and the best of the new trends

  This is the first in an occasional series of fashion posts where we interview women who inspire us with their fashion philosophy. First up, my amazing friend Allie! You know those websites that people go to everyday for a daily dose of inspiration? Well seeing Allie everyday is kind of like that. She puts […]