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Cozy Bunting Bag, and insider nurse advice

It took me little longer to wrap up our Polarn O. Pyret review than I thought, but here’s the scoop on the Cozy Bunting Bag. What I like best about this piece is how soft it is (it’s that high quality, super soft fleece), how easy it is to put on (three snaps up the front), […]

How to make last-minute Halloween projects with kids

I like holidays and I’m always ready to dive in and make them fun for kids and thus, very involved for me. But Halloween was never my favorite. I thought Halloween decorations were either gross or silly and could not imagine why I’d spend any time or money on them. And then I had a […]

Parents Need to Eat Too, by Debbie Koenig

When I was preparing for our first baby, I froze a couple of meals, stocked up the pantry, and crossed that item off the list. There — I was ready, right? I had no idea what I was in for — the meals prepared and eaten one-handed, the desire for the fastest, easiest meal possible, […]

Cloth diapers for toddlers: an update

Cloth diapers for a newborn are one thing, but what about using cloth diapers for toddlers? Are we still happy or is it starting to stink? Here’s a follow-up to my original how-to post on cloth diapers. Back when cloth diapers were all there were – “Baby Show” c. 1938. How are the diapers holding […]

Afternoon at the pumpkin patch

It is one of our family traditions: an October afternoon at the pumpkin patch. In the car on the way to Afton Apple Orchard today, the boys were counting up how many times they’d been there: Owen figured nine times, Noah had seven (counting his kindergarten field trip a month ago, of which he is […]

A day of rest

I’ve been hitting the to-do list really hard. Too hard. I don’t know why I feel so anxious about Getting Everything Done this time. Maybe it’s a mistaken belief that if I get everything done, everything will go well? The revamping of our basement (thanks to water damage) and guest room/nursery shuffle kicked off a […]

Warming up for winter with Minneapolis’s hottest new kids store — Polarn O. Pyret

Jen and I have both confessed how satisfying we find it to have our kids properly outfitted for the cold. When I was pregnant and then when Bee was little I felt like something was wrong with me because I wasn’t really into buying clothes for her. Then her first winter came and I found […]

Marathon in progress

In 2005, a few years after we graduated college, my husband Adam decided to train for the Twin Cities Marathon. I didn’t think much of it and it didn’t affect our lives too much — he did some long runs, and I grudging cut some weekend gatherings short to get him home early enough to […]