Try this with your kids: Give them the camera


Beatrice demonstrating her technique with Adam’s phone.

Over the holidays Beatrice snatched our camera and starting taking pictures. My first instinct was to grab it back from her (it’s not a super fancy one, but still. Expensive. Not a toy.) but then she charmed me with how sweetly she mimicked me taking pictures. “Stand by the Christmas tree.” She instructed. Click click. Pause. “You look cute,” she affirmed.


So I decided to let her go with it, and gave her two rules:

1. Don’t get the camera wet.
2. Don’t touch the lens.

We let her use the camera several more times over the holidays, and when I finally got around to downloading the pics, I was amazed. Not because my child is a photo prodigy, but because wow, it’s amazing to see the world through a two-year-old’s eyes.

The angles.


What they choose to photograph.




How open people are in front of their camera.


What we look like going about our days.


We ended up putting together a photo book of shots as an early birthday gift (and a way for us to remember the holiday).

For moms who are always behind the lens and not in the photo, this is a great way to get some photos of you, and to get photos in your collection that show life from a different perspective.

Since we always have the camera in the diaper bag, it’s nice to have this “toy” always at the ready.

I look forward to seeing how her pictures change as she grows up!


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