Archives for March 2012

Adventure planning

Work has been a bit more intense the last couple of months, and only now looking back can I see that the way I dealt with it was cutting out the extras — the extra projects, adventures, outside interests. I don’t feel bad about that — I think it was really effective at keeping me […]

How to sew an easy quilt for a big-boy bed

There’s nothing so tiny as your baby in his big-boy bed for the first time. (Well, maybe your newborn in his crib for the first time.) It’s hard on a mama, but it must be done. Last year, Noah was ready to graduate from the crib, as evidenced by his ability to escape from it. […]

Urban vegetable gardening: Garden dreams

My littlest sprite and his fairy, um, I mean sprite, garden. My house sits on a lot-and-a-half and for an urban home that means a huge yard. But since I have two boys, a play structure, a sandbox and must preserve enough space to play baseball, I don’t have a lot of space for a […]

My kind of adventure

You may have guessed by now that while Breanne and I have much in common, there are some ways we differ. For example, her kind of adventure, and my kind of adventure. She packs up her baby and hikes to a cabin in the winter. I pack my Kindle and park myself on the beach. […]

Beatrice’s first birthday party

I can’t believe I’m even posting about the little first birthday party we threw for Beatrice on this site, alongside Jen’s elaborate and exceptionally awesome affairs. You know how Jen felt inadequate posting about her Anna Maria “adventure”? Well I feel the same about parties. I tend to think small, telling myself that having just […]

Five-year plans

Me, with my parents, after graduating with my master’s degree When I was 23 or so I had a job but like most people my age, it wasn’t what I wanted to be doing. I knew I could do more and I was hungry to have that job where you can really use your brain […]