Borealis Blog Gift Guides 2015

Happy December! We’re enjoying unseasonably warm weather in MN this year which has us a little behind on holiday spirit and our gift guides. (But a little ahead on winter running and hydrated skin!) If you’re feeling that too, don’t despair, we have tons of great holiday ideas to help get you in the mood […]

Borealis gift guides: Minnesota-made gifts that work

We work hard in Minnesota, and we expect our gifts do the same. These are some very Minnesota-nice, useful, practical, yet delightful gifts we’ll love to give — and would love to get. Totally getting this for some men in my life who both paddle and motorcycle and everything in between. From Winona-based Sanborn Canoe […]

Borealis gift guides: Minnesota-made gifts for play

Here’s Borealis’s curated picks for gifts that are fun to shop for and get, for the kids and adults in your life. These Minnesota-made gifts would be welcome under any tree (especially ours!) Blocks are possibly the best toy ever invented (though they may share that honor with Legos), and quality blocks will last your […]

Borealis Holiday 2014: Our picks for gifts made in Minnesota

We love writing gift guides and are so excited to bring you this year’s series, featuring gifts made here right in Minnesota. Some by artists and craftspeople, some by world-renowned (yet home-grown brands) — all reflecting the practical, artistic, playful, smart, humble, and beautiful spirit of this northern life. Our series starts today with “Indulge in Minnesota” — luxurious gifts you secretly want […]

Borealis gift guides: Minnesota-made gifts to indulge

How do you define an indulgent gift? Is it a little me-time, something delicious, or something that makes you feel confident or playful? Something glittery and shiny or simply something well-made that transcends trends and time? (For us practical, realistic, and resilient Minnesotans, indulgent may simply be defined as really great boots.) Here are a few Minnesota-made gifts that […]

A shopping event bursting with Minnesota pride

Do you love handmade jewelry, gorgeous bags, cheeky letterpress cards, chocolate, beauty bars, beeswax, Minnesota-pride icons, beer, and tater tots? Of course you do. Love the idea of supporting Minnesota artists, designers, and makers even more? Of course you do. That’s why you are definitely going to want to check out the HAMMS Event on […]

Borealis gift guide – Something you need

This year we’re collecting our gift ideas into four categories in the spirit of the “Something to wear, something to read, something you want, something you need” philosophy. Check out Something to read,  Something you want, and Something to wear. Something you need: For the person who has everything (or needs nothing), the spurge of […]

Borealis gift guide – Something to wear

This year we’re collecting our gift ideas into four categories in the spirit of the “Something to wear, something to read, something you want, something you need” philosophy. Something to read was our first post; something you want was the second. Next up: something to wear. Borealis Gift Guide: Something to Wear We’re trying the “new PJs […]