Everything is just a phase

I am trying to remember the mother of all parenting advice: that everything is just a phase. Not being able to spend as much time with Beatrice as I like? A phase. That 36-hour nursing marathon I just did? A growth-spurt induced phase. Sleeping in maddeningly tiny, 30 minute – 2.5 hour spurts, wondering if it’s gas, a missed burp, hunger, too much or not enough swaddle that is waking the baby up? Blessedly, a phase.

After a wonderfully long two-week + two-day paternity leave, Adam is heading back to work today, so it’ll be just me and the babe. We’ve had a fantastic time, alternatively loving up the baby on walks around town and taking Beatrice out of day care for trips to the zoo and the library.

Lake of the Isles walk

On our now-traditional, take the baby way too early around Lake of the Isles walk.


At the zoo.

The fun has been cut short the last couple of days, thanks to a household-wide cold that’s left me voiceless, Bee sensitive, and all of us hacking and snotty.

Maternity leave is such an odd time. Some days you’re watching Downton Abbey in your yoga pants and enjoying long lunches around town. Other days you are bedridden, chasing baby naps or tearing your hair out trying to soothe a fussy baby.

I’m curious to see what the next weeks will be like and how we’ll find our rhythm. Last time there was a lot of napping and walking, some house projects and visits with friends, and of course, a bit of the TV hole that a lot of women fall into to pass the hours spent feeding the baby (for me it was Modern Family. When I found myself watching Lifetime made-for-TV movies I knew it was time to go back to work.)

In snuggle sack

by Jesi Hoolihan Photography

A few words about our darling baby girl! Here are her distinguishing characteristics, according to doctors and the like who see a lot of babies: long (as in, tall), in possession of a healthy set of lungs (no meek newborn mew here), dimpled (chin plus two cheek), adept at putting her hands/fingers in her mouth (it now makes sense why we couldn’t see her face during her 20-week ultrasound), and of course, beautiful and smart.

Altogether, she’s a keeper. Here’s to the fun (and trying) times we’ll have together during the next 10 weeks!

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  1. Love that first pic! Sounds like you’re getting on well. Your positive attitude will take you far!


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