How to sew burp cloths, baby quilts, bibs, toys, and more: 10 great baby sewing tutorials

Sewing for babies is just about the easiest and most satisfying sewing work you can do. The projects are small so they whip up fast, and with the long lead time (9 months!) you can mosey your way through them. I did a LOT of sewing for Beatrice (not so much for Blythe, but she […]

How to make a very satisfying fabric matching game

When Breanne’s second daughter was born I knew I wanted to try making an appliqued onesie for her, because my sister makes them and they are always adorable. It would go with my favorite homemade baby gift, a little pieced taggie, because those are just so fun to make and I know from experience that […]

How to make a paper heart garland

Here’s a easy, pretty paper heart garland to decorate for Valentine’s Day. It features my favorite way to sew: imperfectly, on paper. It’s really so simple:

How to make a paper pennant banner

A while ago I shared how much fun it is to sew on paper. Here’s another super-easy, fun project that yields impressively cool results, and proves that sewing on paper is still fun. My nephew Tyler graduated from high school last weekend. The first grandchild and nephew in my family, he’s been very close to […]

How to sew easy quilted fabric cards

I’m not much of a sewist. As mentioned before, I’m most comfortable with straight lines and no patterns. But I do have a sewing machine and I love fabric. So when I stumbled on this tutorial by Dana at MADE for how to sew fabric cards using little bits of cute fabric, I was all […]

How to sew an easy quilt for a big-boy bed

There’s nothing so tiny as your baby in his big-boy bed for the first time. (Well, maybe your newborn in his crib for the first time.) It’s hard on a mama, but it must be done. Last year, Noah was ready to graduate from the crib, as evidenced by his ability to escape from it. […]

Sewing (and hoping) for babies

Nursery (with handsewn Boppy cover), two weeks before Beatrice arrived I love sewing for babies. You have tons of lead time (9 months!) and they are tiny, so everything sews up really quickly. Before I was pregnant with Beatrice, I was really weird and superstitious about buying anything. But I did allow myself to start […]