Fashion, explained #2: Kristen on buying in multiples, the strategic use of a bold accessories, and dressing for your shape

Dress – Macy’s Necklace – unknown Tiered layers are really flattering. Remember when my friend Allie taught us how to pair colors in fresh ways? And how to mix patterns and cardigans and belts? And urged us to get some accessories in metallic, fluorescent, leather, or wood? Allie’s post was the first in our fashion […]

Fashion, explained #1: Allie on pairing colors, rethinking what you already own, and the best of the new trends

  This is the first in an occasional series of fashion posts where we interview women who inspire us with their fashion philosophy. First up, my amazing friend Allie! You know those websites that people go to everyday for a daily dose of inspiration? Well seeing Allie everyday is kind of like that. She puts […]

Cozy Bunting Bag, and insider nurse advice

It took me little longer to wrap up our Polarn O. Pyret review than I thought, but here’s the scoop on the Cozy Bunting Bag. What I like best about this piece is how soft it is (it’s that high quality, super soft fleece), how easy it is to put on (three snaps up the front), […]

Cloth diapers for toddlers: an update

Cloth diapers for a newborn are one thing, but what about using cloth diapers for toddlers? Are we still happy or is it starting to stink? Here’s a follow-up to my original how-to post on cloth diapers. Back when cloth diapers were all there were – “Baby Show” c. 1938. How are the diapers holding […]

Gear Guide: Baby Gear

I’m a baby gear guide junkie. I love reading the wide variety of recommendations, and seeing how one mom’s “must have” item is someone else’s “don’t bother.” I dithered quite a bit in putting my list together because so much baby stuff is really un-essential and just up to you (or your baby). But baby […]

Gear Guide: In the kitchen

I absolutely geek out on gear. Baby gear. Kid gear. Winter gear. Biking gear. Skiing gear. Running gear. Baseball gear. Garden gear. I really, really want to buy a Silhouette machine because it would nicely complement my crafting gear. For a few years I’ve been contemplating buying Owen a kayak for his birthday, probably because […]

How to do a Minnesota cabin weekend right

Raucous weekends with your college buddies, family get-togethers, quiet weekends with another couple—there is nothing better than a good cabin weekend. To the unfamiliar it sounds a bit strange: load up your car and drive 2-4 hours on Friday evening. Spend the weekend in the middle of nowhere in a cabin with limited amenities. Haul […]

Gear guide: Winter wear

One of my absolute favorite mom jobs is outfitting my boys with proper winter outerwear. And by proper I mean really high-performance, Minnesota-worthy, yet totally cute and stylish snowsuits, boots, hats, mittens, and gloves. Nothing but the best, warmest, toughest, and kid-friendliest will do. I know my boys couldn’t care less. (They’ve never been even […]