Clickery for April 19, 2013

clickery header 2 copyWelcome to Clickery, a weekly feature where we share things we like because maybe you’ll like them too.

Jen’s Links

Since the 12+ inches and counting of new snow we have precludes any possible outside activities, we might as well shop, and I’m especially excited to see what local businesses have to offer at HAMMS (Help a Minnesota Maker Succeed) this Saturday. Twenty-five thousand feet of local small businesses, plus food trucks, wine, and local brew. That should warm us up.

The grammar geek in me loves this whilst cringing at the same time. If you enjoy the feeling of superiority that comes with mocking incorrect punctuation, read on: The “blog” of “unnecessary” quotes.

Breanne’s Links

The financial implications of rural living was a fascinating read for this city dweller who sometimes fantasizes about the “simplicity” of small-town life. (By Christina of Northern Cheapskate)

This “Whom do you hang with” map of the US shows how we really interact, based on where our dollars circulate.

Brockmann America

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