A day of rest

I’ve been hitting the to-do list really hard. Too hard. I don’t know why I feel so anxious about Getting Everything Done this time. Maybe it’s a mistaken belief that if I get everything done, everything will go well?

The revamping of our basement (thanks to water damage) and guest room/nursery shuffle kicked off a critical inspection of everything we own and a seemingly endless series of tasks. (I keep a running total of “Things to do before baby” on my iPhone and panicked one day when I accidentally deleted it. Google told me I merely needed to shake the phone to restore it. Amazing.) We had our parents coming over to help Saturday morning (mine) and Sunday morning (his), so with two work days on the docket, I declared that Friday needed to be a day of rest. (The third Thursday and Friday in October are teacher union holidays, so I took the day off to join my teacher husband).

We started the day at Bryant Lake Bowl for brunch — err, breakfast, as my husband corrected me, since it was 8 a.m. Bryant Lake Bowl might not scream toddler breakfast place to you, but then you’ve probably never had their amazing vegetarian biscuits and gravy. And at 8 a.m. it was nice and quiet. By the time we left both of their highchairs were taken.

After that we headed to one of those suburban indoor parks (New Brighton’s Eagle’s Nest), and Bee had a blast running around through tubes and going down slides and figuring out the ball pit.

After lunch at home we all took a family nap. Bee has only recently become a kid you can take an occasional nap with (before she couldn’t settle down and was everywhere), so having some snuggle and extended nap time for all was a treat. I was feeling like Bee really needed some mom and dad time, and she definitely got it.

By late afternoon the rain finally stopped so we headed outside to run around and bag up leaves (and prepped a real dinner that baked while we worked, something we’ve been missing lately), and then the rest of the night was the usual routine, only more relaxed. It’s amazing how not having to go to work the next day makes the evening more enjoyable.

A few more work weekends and I’ll be able to relax, right? At least eventually the pregnancy will slow me down enough that I’ll have to.

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