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Our New Year’s Resolutions for Borealis

It’s been a year since we launched Borealis! We created Borealis in January, meeting for lunches and after-kids-bedtime Google chats, figuring out how to edit PHP and writing up a few starter posts. Some close and very honest friends reviewed it for us in March, we tweaked and tested some more, and finally went public […]

Posts We Wish You Read

These are some of our under-appreciated favorites. Not at the top (or bottom) of views for the year, but we love them and think they deserve another chance. Jen Wishes You Had Read . . . I Can Relate: My Take on Motherhood Memoirs I read Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother and Bringing Up […]

The 12 Least-Read Posts of 2012

Just for fun, here are our 12 least-read posts of 2012. Breanne’s Least Read Posts 1. Chocolate chip bars.  Delicious and apparently, underrated. This is before we realized that regular recipe posts aren’t really our thing. But these bars really are fantastic, and couldn’t be easier. 2. How Eskimos Keep Their Babies Warm and 6. […]

Borealis Top 12 of 2012

It’s the end of the year and all across the Web you’ll find “top” lists — the top best, top worst, and top anything-you-can-imagine. Here are ours: the top 12 most-read Borealis posts of 2012.

How to capture memories before they’re gone

When I was little we’d occasionally visit my Great-Aunt May. Her house was always dark — she kept the shades drawn and lights off — and she seemed to spend most of her time doing word-find puzzles and eating chocolate. When we’d visit my brother and I would play with the only toys she had […]

Eight great appetizer recipes

I like to host parties and I have a reputation for being a good cook. And while I can execute a recipe well, I think what I am actually good at is recipe selection. Thus I have accumulated a long list of party favorites. So if you are done wrapping and shopping and are now […]

Walking in a winter wonderland

Last year in Minnesota there was no winter. No, really. None. I went for a run in short sleeves on a sunny 50 degree Christmas day. It rained all day on New Year’s. The grass was green and the garden growing by March, and for a region in which snow in May is commonplace, spring […]

Backpacking with a toddler — Lake Maria State Park, take 2

My very first post for Borealis was recapping a backpack-in-to-a-cabin trip to Lake Maria State Park that my husband and I took with then 9-month-old Beatrice. It was one of those trips that barely tipped the scales into the “worth it” category. We had ran around beforehand scrambling to pack everything up. When we arrived […]