BWCA ho! Prepping a toddler and preschooler for canoe camping


  Me and Adam in the BWCA, circa 2005. We’re so young! Before we had kids, Adam and I took a trip to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area (BWCA) every year. The BWCA is an amazing place — 1,700 square miles of true wilderness, accessible only by canoe/kayak and your feet. The area is dotted […]

Clothes you can feel good about, and in: Tumblewalla

Tumblewalla Flutter dress size 2

Baby clothes — and let’s face it, babies — totally intimidated me before I had one. I had no idea what I was doing, so I didn’t purchase any baby clothes before my first was born. (Except for a guilt-induced run to Pacifier two weeks before my due date to grab two Dwell Studio footed […]

Summer vacation: a break from being a two parent working family


It just one week, it will officially be SUMMER. Adam and the girls will be home all day, every day — no work, no school, no daycare. I will still work of course but a heady vacation joy de vivre will rule our daily life. The fridge will also automatically refill itself. And a host […]

Why we let our three-year-old sleep in our bed — Adventures in accidental bed-sharing


Beatrice at her third birthday party It started innocently enough. Adam and I were sleeping in our second-floor bedroom when we woke to the sound of Beatrice creeping up our creaky wooden stairs. I could barely see her in the dark as she shuffled over to our bed clutching her stuffed guys and pillow. She […]

Spring break in Madison

madison group

Last year we took our first vacation as a family of four — to Lutsen, over spring break. We had tons of fun, but it was tons of work, too. Blythe was 10 weeks old and getting up every three-to-four hours, and Bee, who had just turned two, had a hard time falling asleep at […]

The gift of Hannah: carrying and birthing a baby with a fatal genetic disorder (guest post)


I asked my friend Christine if she’d share the story of Hannah, her second daughter, with us. When she was pregnant with Hannah I wasn’t even thinking of kids yet and didn’t have a clue. Over the years (and especially when I was carrying my own pregnancies) I’ve thought a lot about what she went […]

What’s surprising about having two kids

two kids

About six months into life with two kids, I felt overwhelmed, and felt overwhelmed about feeling overwhelmed. “Really?!” I berated myself. “It’s just two kids. Why is it so hard?” I’d done my research putting together Baby makes four: Advice for having your second child, but now that I’d survived the first few months, I […]

Try this with your kids: Give them the camera


Beatrice demonstrating her technique with Adam’s phone. Over the holidays Beatrice snatched our camera and starting taking pictures. My first instinct was to grab it back from her (it’s not a super fancy one, but still. Expensive. Not a toy.) but then she charmed me with how sweetly she mimicked me taking pictures. “Stand by […]