Spring break in Madison

madison group

Last year we took our first vacation as a family of four — to Lutsen, over spring break. We had tons of fun, but it was tons of work, too. Blythe was 10 weeks old and getting up every three-to-four hours, and Bee, who had just turned two, had a hard time falling asleep at […]

The gift of Hannah: carrying and birthing a baby with a fatal genetic disorder (guest post)


I asked my friend Christine if she’d share the story of Hannah, her second daughter, with us. When she was pregnant with Hannah I wasn’t even thinking of kids yet and didn’t have a clue. Over the years (and especially when I was carrying my own pregnancies) I’ve thought a lot about what she went […]

What’s surprising about having two kids

two kids

About six months into life with two kids, I felt overwhelmed, and felt overwhelmed about feeling overwhelmed. “Really?!” I berated myself. “It’s just two kids. Why is it so hard?” I’d done my research putting together Baby makes four: Advice for having your second child, but now that I’d survived the first few months, I […]

Try this with your kids: Give them the camera


Beatrice demonstrating her technique with Adam’s phone. Over the holidays Beatrice snatched our camera and starting taking pictures. My first instinct was to grab it back from her (it’s not a super fancy one, but still. Expensive. Not a toy.) but then she charmed me with how sweetly she mimicked me taking pictures. “Stand by […]

4 job strategies Lean In gave me the courage to try

4 job strategies lean in

A year after reading and writing about Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg, I reread the book and realized how much it had already influenced my career — and my happiness. Here are four job strategies that Lean In gave me the courage to try: 1. If Sheryl Sandberg can work 9-5:30, I can, too. When […]

Winter backpacking and cabin camping with a baby and toddler

lake maria winter beauty

There is a moment every year on our annual backpack-into-a-cabin-in-the-woods trip where I am utterly miserable. Typically the moment involves a wailing baby and an overtired me. But then the moment passes, and the memory fades, and I vow to do it again next year — but for more nights. This year had the moments […]

How to make green smoothies a part of your life

How to make green smoothies a part of your life

We have a confession: we’ve become green smoothie addicts. We know, we know, green smoothies are super trendy. But friends, they are worth the hype. They make you feel so amazing. We’re more than seven months into our addiction, if we forgot to make them on the weekend we wonder why we feel so sluggish […]

Score card: How we did on our New Year’s Resolutions for Borealis

Jen and Breanne Scottoberfest

Time to tally up how we did last year on our New Year’s Resolutions for Borealis! 1. Challenge ourselves to have more adventures We have learned our lesson on this one. When we came up with the “Adventure” category for Borealis, Jen and I thought we’d be writing posts about fabulous trips, amazing outings with […]