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8 ways to make starting a new job easier

Jen and I both started new jobs in the past few months and realized how rusty we were at the whole new job thing. When you start a new job you want to sweep in and be successful, smart, and awesome, but instead you don’t know where anything is, how things work, or what you […]

How to make a very satisfying fabric matching game

When Breanne’s second daughter was born I knew I wanted to try making an appliqued onesie for her, because my sister makes them and they are always adorable. It would go with my favorite homemade baby gift, a little pieced taggie, because those are just so fun to make and I know from experience that […]

A prayer

Today, on National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day, we offer a prayer: a prayer of peace and healing for those who have lost pregnancies and babies, a prayer of thanks for our children, and a prayer of hope for those who are still waiting for their own healthy pregnancies and babies. After my second miscarriage […]