Garage sale season

Every year I lovingly look forward to my neighborhood’s garage sale. I’m very firm on my routine: I get up early. I go on foot. I buy breakfast from some kid selling food, but it has to be real food, not just Costco stuff. I walk fast. I am very efficient and business-like.

One year a friend asked if she could join me and I said she could, but she had to do it my way. She agreed, and fulfilled her promise. It was fun having her along, because going to garage sales by yourself is lonely. So this year for the first time ever I asked my husband to go along with me (I offered it up as my Mother’s Day gift). It was so much fun going as a family. And so helpful to have another opinion. (“You won’t like all of the clutter…” my husband correctly warned when I wanted to buy a giant bin full of play food).

Here’s what we bought:

  1. Fabric (from three sales)
  2. Lotta Prints (because of course Bee and I will do cute crafts together someday)
  3. Kid’s easel (IKEA brand)
  4. Large Ziploc filled with play food for Bee’s new play kitchen (much more reasonable)
  5. Small train set (stashed away for later, as are most of the toy purchases)
  6. Stack of 7 puzzles (partially purchased because they stacked nicely and take up little space)
  7. Denim jumper, size 18 months
  8. Gently used StrideRite shoes, size 6
  9. Little People school bus (Still learning how to sing “Stop & Go!” song. Will be very satisfied when I master it).
  10. Classic kids plastic dinner plate with divided compartments. (Theme is transportation, but the descriptions were in French, so…)
  11. Old-style Christmas-themed metal trays
  12. Boat bath toys
  13. Kids wooden ring toss set (for Cabin Weekend, Junior edition)
  14. Folk costumes of Europe color book
  15. Eggrolls, 2. (Brilliant garage sale food).

Total time: 3 hours
Total cost: $36

You’ll have to excuse my lack of pictures–I was too busy being efficient!

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