Our favorite posts of 2013

Readers choose their favorites, of course, but sometimes we just want to write about what we love. These are our favorites from 2013.

Jen’s favorite posts

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good freezer casserole or adorable hedgehog baby onesie how-tos as much as the next girl, but I love these posts too, which didn’t get the volume of traffic of say, Super Mario Brothers party tips. Not a how-to in sight, just things that mattered to me or people I love.

jen's favorite posts collage 2013I rarely explicitly write about my journey from career mom to at-home mom back to career mom, but it makes its way into some of my 2013 posts, like these:

This post seems like it’s about my bangs (and I do love my bangs), but it’s also about my dad and me and allegiance to what works: My hair’s so now.

A few of my thoughts about parenting older kids: lying, recording memories, and being proud of my tween.

The things that move me to tears and never truly leave me always come back to grace — learning, receiving, and giving, especially to myself.

Breanne’s favorite posts

breanne collage favorites 2013Jen calls the series of posts I wrote after Blythe was born my “ode to motherhood.” I have a soft spot for these in-the-moment, heart-on-my-sleeve posts about life with a newborn.

Is it wrong that some my favorite posts in 2013 were the ones that other people wrote?

Posts that made me cry while writing them:

And lastly, I love showing you glimpses into some of my dearest relationships:

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