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Baby makes four: Advice on having a second child

Me and my brother (who is older by 27 months). First there was “So you’re going to have a baby! Advice from seasoned moms.” Then we had “So you’re going to have a toddler! Advice from moms of one-to-two year-olds.” And now we have advice on having a second child! For this post I went […]

How to make modern wooden blocks

A LONG time ago, back in mid-May, I posted a teaser photo of a project I was working on. Well friends, I am finally done.I’ve actually been done for a month or two, but as making these modern wooden blocks has been a study in procrastination, that is right on schedule. I bought this tub […]

Trial and error

Bee when I was 6.5 weeks pregnant Figuring out when to tell people you’re pregnant is a tricky issue. When I was pregnant for the first time I followed the advice I’d heard, which was to wait until the window of higher miscarriage potential had passed (10-14 weeks). Those first few weeks are so emotional […]

Happy hoarding

Once upon a time I used to make fun of the Sunday circulars for craft stores that screamed “75 Crafting Days until Christmas!” (And once upon a time I used to get and look at Sunday circulars. Now you know how old I am.) But now I actually like making things for Christmas — not […]

C-section vs. VBAC?

The evening on the day Bee was born. I’ve noticed something about labor, especially for first-time moms: it’s a guarantee that something unexpected will happen. One friend discovered she had a surprise breech baby, another found her hospital too full to admit her, a third had a surprisingly short and uncomplicated labor. For me, I […]

Now what?

Both of my boys are now school kids. The first day of school was marked with the requisite excitement, photos, and hugs (Owen’s from very “far away from school, Mom, sheesh”) and Noah’s at the door of his room (His teacher: “Mom stops right here!”). My kindergartener is thrilled to be a school kid like […]

Preparing for baby #2: nursery ideas

Have I mentioned we live in a small house? It’s one of those 1940s one-and-a-half story houses, where the top story is one long bedroom with slanted walls on either side. On main floor we have a small kitchen, a living room/dining room combo, a bathroom (the only one), a decent sized bedroom, a teeny […]

Training for the big day: Exercise during pregnancy

Me at 36 weeks last time, ready to hit the elliptical. Hi friends! I’m really excited to be featured on Twin Cities in Motion’s blog today. Twin Cities in Motion is the organization that puts on the Twin Cities Marathon, among other races. They have a “20 Questions, Miles of Answer” series every Wednesday and […]