Five resolutions for the New Year

2014 Calendar

(Looking for a pretty free printable calendar? I love the ones by Love vs. Design.)

I used to be hot on New Year’s Resolutions, but then I cooled, preferring to see where life led me. But this year I am raring to make change. I think it has something to do with emerging from the intensity of baby’s first year and the hormonal cocktail that comes with nursing (I swear it makes me a little bit crazy). But whatever reason, here are the things I’m going to give myself permission to do in 2014:

More organic/whole/safe products

I always balked at organics/natural products because I thought we couldn’t afford it, but we can, if we make our choices differently. Also, I’ve insisted on safe shampoo for the girls but still use toxic stuff myself. No longer. No more paraben lotions; no more toxic cleaning supplies. And we’re switching to organic milk, even if it is a million dollars. I’ll let you know what products we discover; but in the meantime, this is my favorite lotion for those who want something healthier but aren’t ready to embrace the jar of coconut oil and call it good. Still pumpable; still smells nice, but way better for you.

Eat healthy fats (and stop fretting about nutrition plans)

All of the diet options make my head spin: paleo, vegan, high protein, healthy fats. I truly believe they all are awesome, but it’s just a matter of sticking to one, because you can’t mix and match them based on what you want to eat at the moment. I think my first step is cutting out the snacks and bad fats in my diet (i.e. cookies) and working in more healthy fats (coconut oil, nuts), and see how I feel.

Buy quality, get rid of stuff

In 2014 I’m working to buy high quality for things that matter and continue to pare down our belongings. Now that we have two girls I’ve noticed I’ve had to buy a few things for Blythe because I went too cheap with Beatrice, i.e., just getting by with a hand-me-down coat and then realizing that it’s too worn out for Blythe.

And regarding stuff, I’ve had a pile of stuff on my porch FOR MORE THAN A YEAR that I have been meaning to sell on Craigslist. Folks, the “I should do this!” stress is not worth the potential money I could earn. I need to just donate it or do a Craigslist curb alert and be done.

Keep taking, but give, too

In 2013 we had a baby and both got new jobs, so we did a lot of taking. I’m OK with the taking — I think there is beauty and value in accepting help from others. But I’m uncomfortable with how little giving we are doing for our friends and family and want to think about that more.

Be gentle with myself

This last one is kind of the antidote to the other four, and the escape hatch should life become overwhelming. When life gets to be too much, this is the reminder to be easy on myself, and to know that things can wait.

What changes are you thinking about, friends? Or are you seeing where life leads you?

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