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Borealis shares the best of northern life, from living in a community that values education, being outdoors, and being active, to saying hi to strangers. Northern life is celebrating the seasons — the 90 degree summers spent swimming in lakes, the 10 degree winters spent sitting by fires. It’s fresh air and optimism, curiosity and humility, pragmatism and progress.

An aurora borealis happens nowhere on Earth but the north. To us, Borealis means wonder, beauty, joy, and light, and we are striving to create a life — this northern life — that reflects that.

About Breanne

Oberg Mountain with toddlerMama to two beautiful girls, Beatrice and Blythe. Married to Adam. Marketing manager.

Thinks about: Gratitude, efficiency, the politics of motherhood, raising girls, what kind of life she wants, whether it’s time for lunch yet.

Likes to do: Run, sew, hike, drink coffee, read, encourage others, see friends, get out of the house.

Wants to try: Multi-day canoeing trip with two young kids, taking only what she can portage, but being really careful and then hitting the spa afterward.

What works: Listening to her gut, simplicity, surrounding herself with awesome people, sleep.

What doesn’t: Passive aggression, dancing, manual transmissions.

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About Jen

Mom of two handsome boys, Owen and Noah. Married to Scott. Marketing manager turned stay-at-home mama turned marketing manager again. Heart attack survivor. Women’s heart health advocate.

Thinks about: Strength, safety, happiness, raising men, womanhood, literature, American politics, authenticity, engagement, what to make for dinner.

Likes to do: Entertain, create, read, cook, run, garden, help people, stay home.

Wants to try: A long bike trip on a Minnesota rails-to-trail, taking only what fits in a bike trailer, but staying in B&Bs in cute small towns along the way so she can drink wine and buy handmade jewelry.

What works: Humor, planning ahead, honesty, gratitude, confidence, hard work.

What doesn’t: Stress, grudges, fancy bike shoes with clips, DIY mercury glass.

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  1. Debbie Ling Grant says:

    Hi Jen!
    THANK YOU so much for the helpful step by step instructions on making super-cute iron-on onesies on your blog. I am interested in recreating your beautiful setup for my little sister’s baby shower in a few weeks. I’m having difficulty finding the cute downloads on Pinterest you mention. Is there any way you can send me the files with the transfers or even EVEN better, would you be willing to sell me the already printed sheets of iron-on transfers? I have a little one of my own, and trying to prepare for my sister’s shower while chasing my toddler around has proven to be pretty difficult!
    Thanks so much for your help!

    • Hi Debbie,

      Thanks for reading and I’m glad you like the onesies!

      Since I used other bloggers’ and artists’ images (though they were free), I don’t think I should distribute the images I used. I’m a hobbyist crafter, not a professional, so I can’t really sell you images either (and I shouldn’t, since the download was free only for personal use).

      On Pinterest, I searched “woodland free printable” and “garden free printable” “ladybugs” “bees” and even “mason jar free printable.” Sometimes one of these pins leads to a blog (like the one below) that has a free printable section. That’s a great place to look too.

      This is one that I used: http://www.childreninspiredesign.com/content/free-collage-art-kids-chance-win-200

      I hope that helps and good luck with your shower!


  2. Debbie Ling Grant says:

    Perfect! Very helpful, thanks! Now I just have to get to the task of preparing the images for print… 🙂 Thanks again!

  3. Jen- picked up your blog post about opting out on Project Eve today and loved it! I have shared it on both our twitter and Facebook page. I think we are in similar places and I enjoyed hearing your about journey! Good luck and please check us out! Proudworkingmom.com

  4. Hello Jen and Breanne,

    I’m reaching out to you on behalf of the American Heart Association’s educational branch, OnlineAHA.org.

    Jen, I read your marathon running pieces about training and running the marathons after your heart attacks. Very inspirational! Fitness is always a personal journey, and running is one of my least favorite things, so the fact that you’re kicking my butt in that regard, especially after a heart attack, is a big challenge to me that I’m going to have to meet!

    I saw that you’re already involved with the AHA, so I wanted to see if you wouldn’t mind helping us spread awareness for their educational portal? I couldn’t find an email for you guys, so I figured I’d drop you a line here.

    The OnlineAHA.org site is primarily directed at medical professionals, but it does have courses for general workplace life-saving training. The Heartsaver® First Aid Online Part 1 course, for instance, is a course for teaching first aid basics along the lines of a first response method.

    If you can help us spread the message, I would be grateful. I can provide you with banners for your site or additional support. Please let me know.

    Thanks for your inspiring stories and your continued support in the cause of heart health awareness!

    • Hi Ryne,

      Thanks for writing to us! I would be interested in information about OnlineAHA.org. It might be better on my other blog — My Life in Red, where I write about heart health and my heart disease experience. You can reach me there at jen (at) mylifeinred.net.




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