Archives for July 2012

Glad to have done it: Camping with a toddler

Scenic State Park, near Big Fork, Minnesota We finally fulfilled our much-talked about promise to take Beatrice camping. Like when we backpacked her in to a winter cabin, I was sort of half hoping that having really low expectations would mean that it would end up being easier and more fun than I thought. But […]

Get this: Gardens need water

Nothing really need be said about this. If you go away for 10 days and it’s a 100 degrees the whole time and you make no provision for the care of your vertical garden, this is what happens. Turns out that rain or pests aren’t really the problem. Seems I’m the biggest garden threat of […]

My first library card

You are forgiven if you think the title refers to my four-year-old son’s first library card, which he indeed got Tuesday at the Merriam Park Branch Library in Saint Paul, and of which he is extremely proud (see self-satisfied smile, above). He signed his card himself (so cute it hurts a little) and showed it […]

Mini Cooper car seat – How to get one in and how long it lasts, with pictures

I’ve had a Mini Cooper since 2004. And I’ve absolutely loved it. I can park anywhere (so handy for city life), it gets good gas mileage, it’s a great commuting car cause you can cut people off easily (I mean zip in and out), it’s fun to drive, and it’s even really good on snow […]

Summer on Superior

Hello! Wondering where we’ve been? Breanne and I were both on vacation in this beautiful north last week and have some stories and photos to share with you. Here’s the first installment: my trip to Bayfield, Wisconsin with my boys and grandparents. I really need to spend more time on Lake Superior. It is just […]