Borealis gift guide – Something to wear

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This year we’re collecting our gift ideas into four categories in the spirit of the “Something to wear, something to read, something you want, something you need” philosophy. Something to read was our first post; something you want was the second. Next up: something to wear.

Borealis Gift Guide: Something to Wear

We’re trying the “new PJs for everyone on Christmas morning” tradition this year. I caught a holiday sleepwear sale at Hanna Andersson and picked up matching PJs for the girls. I’ve always had good luck with DKNY sleepwear and I think we’ll check L.L. Bean for Adam. – Breanne

As long as we’re doing the PJ thing, why not go all the way and get Minnetonka moccasin slippers, too? Or maybe I’m just looking for an excuse to buy those little fur-lined booties for Blythe. Cally Slippers are available in Leopard this year, as well as a sequin-front version that I saw in stores but can’t find on their website. – Breanne

fitbitTrack your fitness during the day and your sleep at night with a Fitbit. Pretty and functional. Who doesn’t want to learn how to get better quality sleep? – Breanne

I might try to make this little infinity scarf for Beatrice, too, for those looking for a handmade gift. -Breanne


Here’s another splurge but you won’t regret it gift: an insulated skirt. It’s kind of like a jacket for your bottom, perfect for running or skiing or walking or general winter life. It makes the subzero temps a little more bearable and a little more fashionable. – Breanne

(P.S. from Jen: I concur! I just bought one of these for this winter running season and I love it. Mine is a “Minne-skirt” from Chicked. Bonus: Chicked is a Twin Cities woman-owned company!)

A flannel shirt for men that’s cut just a little better than most, making it both comfortable and flattering. ExOfficio shirts. (I found these at REI.) – Jen

primpI saw this asymmetrical cardigan on Primp’s Facebook page tonight and texted a screen shot to my husband. He better move fast though — Primp sells out of its promoted items quickly (since I and 3,000 others liked the post within hours!). I love everything about this cardigan, which comes in red and olive green. (If you don’t know Primp yet and you are in the Twin Cities, make plans to check it out. There’s one in St. Paul, White Bear Lake, and St. Louis Park/West End). – Jen

I can’t vouch for them personally, but a friend swears by Hanky Panky underwear and is slowly replacing her collection one pair at a time. – Breanne

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