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Clickery for March 29, 2013

Welcome to Clickery, a weekly feature where we share things we like because maybe you’ll like them too. Breanne’s Links Change your bra size, change your life – our friend Emily’s story of her breast reduction. Courageous! Last year I was shocked to discover how harmful our favorite sunscreen was. This year I’ll remember to […]

Thrift store personal shopping. Genius.

Honestly, this might be the coolest idea I’ve ever heard of: a personal shopper at a thrift store. Let me repeat, in case you disbelieve: a personal shopping appointment at a thrift store. For real. This phenomenal idea is the invention Michelle Dustin, who worked at Arc’s Value Village when she was younger. After college […]

Taking Sheryl Sandberg’s Free Advice (Guest post)

We’ve got women and careers on the brain at Borealis, with Jen’s last Clickery post and Kristin’s story of staying home with her kids for 10 months. Amanda, my friend and marathon buddy on hiatus (we managed to run marathons after our babies but not together — maybe we’ll reunite in ’14?), contributed this thought-provoking […]

Clickery for March 22, 2013

Welcome to Clickery, a weekly feature where we share things we like because maybe you’ll like them too. Jen’s Links I love Tim Gunn. I have many tops that might have been once billed as dresses. When I use Pinterest I worry about this sometimes, do you? Every social media community has its own etiquette. […]

Trading money for time: What I learned during my 10 months home with my kids (Guest post)

My friend Kristin’s story of her unexpected decision to stay at home with her kids for 10 months comes at the perfect time for our reflection lately on women and work. I’m so grateful she shared her story of having the guts to do what a lot of us dream about and the real truth […]

Five new ideas for my urban vegetable garden

It’s March in Minnesota, and that means . . . blizzards, and ice, and windchill. Not always, but at least this year. It’s no wonder, then, that as the garden catalogs start showing up in my mailbox while the snow keeps coming and coming, I start scouring gardening boards on Pinterest and mapping out my […]


It’s hard to find the right mix of busyness on maternity leave. Last week: too much. I finally had my crash week — you know the days during maternity leave when it finally builds up and becomes too much, and you remind yourself that you are human. That you need to cut yourself some slack. […]

Taming the linen closet beast

The problem with linen closets — at least with mine — is that linens themselves seem to comprise about 20 percent of the crap in there. The rest is first aid, medicine, soap, shampoo, sunscreen, eight million toothbrushes, some toilet bowl cleaner, a few candles, and a couple fake flowers. Small things. Lots of them. […]