Easy movie night party for tweens

Movie night might be the easiest tween birthday party theme ever. Easy for you, fun for them, win for all. Here are some photos and ideas from my son’s movie-themed sleepover party.

Set the stage

All you need to make a theater is a large screen, chairs in rows, and a concession stand. Our concessions are movie candy, a rented nacho cheese dispenser, and rented popcorn maker.

theater 2This is inside our garage, and yes, I went a little crazy and stapled red and black plastic to the walls and ceiling to make it more realistic. (And by “I” I mean my husband stapled plastic all over the garage.) Totally optional of course.

movie garageThe movie screen is a sheet clamped to the garage door and outlined in streamers. The wall decorations, star-printed streamers, and stars dangling from the ceiling are all from party stores or Amazon.



Get pizza delivered for dinner and give DVDs and movie candy as party favors. I found the ticket image online and added the boys’ names for a tag.

favor plate

This is one of Owen’s very favorite birthday cakes and by far the easiest one I have ever made. A rectangle, frosted white, with fruit-by-the-foot strips on it, and caramel corn stuck to the top.


And as if cake and pizza weren’t enough, movie candy provides more sustenance for the triple-feature.



Big-kid entertainment is so much easier. Try these simple steps:

  1. Turn on movie (We went with movie classics Star Wars, Back to the Future, and Harry Potter.)
  2. Sit on deck and have a beer. They won’t move, except to get more popcorn.

watching star wars

afterRoll credits and get out the vacuum.

Owen is 11

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