Easy movie night party for tweens

Movie night might be the easiest tween birthday party theme ever. Easy for you, fun for them, win for all. Here are some photos and ideas from my son’s movie-themed sleepover party. Set the stage All you need to make a theater is a large screen, chairs in rows, and a concession stand. Our concessions are […]

Jen’s 10 Party Hacks

I like to throw parties. I think that much has been pretty well established here on Borealis. I also like writing party posts. I write them because I love reading them; I’ve gotten most of my best ideas from others’ blogs. Party posts mean I get to share my cute photos and pay it forward […]

How to plan a Super Mario Brothers party

My son Noah is almost as obsessed with Super Mario Brothers this year as he was with Star Wars last year. So it is no surprise that he requested a Super Mario Brothers party for his 6th birthday. Since his dad and I played the original Super Mario Brothers (heck, we even played the prequel, […]

How to plan a Star Wars party

My older son probably didn’t even know what Star Wars was until he was nine, but he has a little brother, and like all little brothers everywhere, he was introduced to things like Star Wars and Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings far earlier than I’d have preferred. He may not know what it […]

How to make baby onesies with iron-on transfers

One of my younger sisters is having her first baby in July and I had a great time throwing a shower for her with my stepmom just last week. My happy job was to decorate in pink sock monkeys and bring the activities. (There’s very, very little pink in my life, and I’ll take any […]

P is for Party: A back-to-school party for the kindergarten set

My youngest is about to start kindergarten. My oldest is in his last year of elementary school. A lot has changed since I brought Owen to his first day of pre-kindergarten in 2005. This time, I’m no longer the new kid in school. Everyone knows what being the new kid in a new school or […]

Beatrice’s first birthday party

I can’t believe I’m even posting about the little first birthday party we threw for Beatrice on this site, alongside Jen’s elaborate and exceptionally awesome affairs. You know how Jen felt inadequate posting about her Anna Maria “adventure”? Well I feel the same about parties. I tend to think small, telling myself that having just […]

Remedial date hair

I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been with Adam since I was 18 (and thus have never developed proper dating skills) or because I went to high school during the grunge era (and thus cultivated a lifelong aversion to fussiness), but I suck at getting dressed up to go out. Last weekend I was […]