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What I’ve been up to this summer

Hi friends, I know I’ve been a little quiet around here the last few months. But I hope you’ll forgive me when you hear why: I’m pregnant! As in, 20 weeks pregnant, due in late January! I’m kind of a late-teller about pregnancy. I like to get a good thorough look at the baby during […]

10 years!

My husband and I were married 10 years ago this week! If you’re counting, that means we got married pretty young. Not reality-TV-show young, but a year-after-college young. We were one of those couples who found each other in early college and that was that. Us! Finding your husband at 18 is weird. It definitely […]

How to make homemade cleaning supplies

If you spend any time at all on Pinterest, it won’t be long before you are seized with the desire to paint constellations on your fingernails or spray paint half your furniture high-gloss lime green or, in the case of my springtime Pinterest obsession, make homemade cleaning supplies. But it wasn’t just Pinterest that led […]

Flour made fun: Mill City Museum

Minneapolis is Mill City, dontcha know? For fifty years, Minneapolis was the largest producer of flour in the world, and the Washburn A mill along the Mississippi river was the world’s biggest mill. It closed in 1965 and nearly burned down in 1991. The Minnesota Historical Society’s Mill City Museum is built into its ruins. […]

Waiting for fall

Remember in April when I started getting excited about summer and made a list of the things I wanted to do? (I’ve checked them all off, by the way). Well I’m over summer, and ready to think about fall. It’s not that I’m wishing August away. We’ll swim some more in the lakes and wading […]

Little farm in the city

How many times did you read the Little House on the Prairie series? Ten, twenty? I don’t remember my total times through the nine books, but so many scenes are perfectly vivid in my head: Ma making cheese, Jack turning around three times in his bed and then dying, finding baby pickles and saltines in […]