Archives for January 2014

4 job strategies Lean In gave me the courage to try

A year after reading and writing about Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg, I reread the book and realized how much it had already influenced my career — and my happiness. Here are four job strategies that Lean In gave me the courage to try: 1. If Sheryl Sandberg can work 9-5:30, I can, too. When […]

Winter backpacking and cabin camping with a baby and toddler

There is a moment every year on our annual backpack-into-a-cabin-in-the-woods trip where I am utterly miserable. Typically the moment involves a wailing baby and an overtired me. But then the moment passes, and the memory fades, and I vow to do it again next year — but for more nights. This year had the moments […]

How to make green smoothies a part of your life

We have a confession: we’ve become green smoothie addicts. We know, we know, green smoothies are super trendy. But friends, they are worth the hype. They make you feel so amazing. We’re more than seven months into our addiction, if we forgot to make them on the weekend we wonder why we feel so sluggish […]

Put on shoes, step on porch

Put on shoes, step on porch is my brother’s mantra for getting himself going on a training run. That’s all you have to do, he says — put on your shoes, go outside, take a couple steps. No matter how long the run is, it always starts that way. When I had my second heart […]