Clickery for May 3, 2013

clickery header 2 copyWelcome to Clickery, a weekly feature where we share things we like because maybe you’ll like them too.

Jen’s Links

“The visual sense is the strongest developed one in most human beings. It’s only natural that 90 percent of an assessment for trying out a product is made by color alone.” Buffer’s interesting article about the science of color and how it is used in marketing. (Teaser question, why is Facebook blue?)

Speaking of Facebook, here is a highly entertaining page to follow: The University of Minnesota ReUse program. Who knows what you might score when they are open to the public (usually Saturdays) — a microscope, a giant roll of wire, decommissioned air conditioners, speakers, science equipment. Even if you never go there, you will enjoy the hilarious captioning and commentary on this page. I really actually want to meet whoever it is that writes them.

Breanne’s Links

Not only are there more twins these days due to fertility drugs, but there are also more “twins,” like biological and adopted children who are the same age, and “twiblings,” a pair of siblings born just days apart from two different surrogates. Also, some real truth about the mixed blessing of conceiving twins.

Polarn O. Pyret is celebrating grandparents this weekend at their Edina store, with 20% off all weekend and special activities on Saturday.

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