Why we let our three-year-old sleep in our bed — Adventures in accidental bed-sharing

Beatrice at her third birthday party It started innocently enough. Adam and I were sleeping in our second-floor bedroom when we woke to the sound of Beatrice creeping up our creaky wooden stairs. I could barely see her in the dark as she shuffled over to our bed clutching her stuffed guys and pillow. She […]

What’s surprising about having two kids

About six months into life with two kids, I felt overwhelmed, and felt overwhelmed about feeling overwhelmed. “Really?!” I berated myself. “It’s just two kids. Why is it so hard?” I’d done my research putting together Baby makes four: Advice for having your second child, but now that I’d survived the first few months, I […]

4 job strategies Lean In gave me the courage to try

A year after reading and writing about Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg, I reread the book and realized how much it had already influenced my career — and my happiness. Here are four job strategies that Lean In gave me the courage to try: 1. If Sheryl Sandberg can work 9-5:30, I can, too. When […]

The lucky ones

Last year on this very day, I wrote this post about my littlest blessing — my oldest son Owen, born too soon and too small more than 12 years ago. Today is World Prematurity Day, and rereading that post brought the same tears and gratitude it did when I wrote it, the tears I shed […]

Baby names we love

One of the best parts about Facebook is seeing the parade of baby names that comes across my feed, as friends far and wide share pics of their adorably wrinkled newborns. I love the new trendy names (Ava), I love the classics (Elizabeth), I love the fun nicknames (Izzy!), and I love puzzling over the […]

When baby won’t take a bottle

You know how some breastfed babies refuse the bottle? Well in Blythe vs. the bottle, Blythe won. We could never get her to take more than an ounce from one. (Except for her first try at four weeks, when she fooled us by slamming four ounces. They we got lazy and waited two weeks before […]

Those who want awesome summers, teach

Remember my maternity leave? All snowy days, and naps, and cozy baby time? Now Adam is home with the girls, and it is more like this: His days are all swimsuits, and library trips, and parks. Playdates and errands and zoo trips. Lots of chalk. And sunscreen. And slides. Drying swimsuits hang on doorknobs and […]

A jobs program that might actually work

Here’s the thing about kids and chores, chore charts, jobs jars, and all manner of kids-are-supposed-to-do-some-things-around-the-house systems: the parents always have to get involved. And being involved quickly becomes harder than just doing it yourself (or living without the floor being swept) and the system falls apart. I know, I’ve been there. (And the worst […]