Urban Vegetable Gardening: Plant, ready, plan . . .

So much for plans.

A few weeks ago I posted that I had grand plans for vegetable gardening this year. I had researched container and small-space gardening and pinned a bunch of cool-looking ideas. I meant to research what the perfect (probably heirloom) varietals of beans or peas or kale that would look awesome among my perennial beds and charmingly climb my as-yet-to-be-discovered stylish and creative garden structures.

But then one sunny day Noah and I went to the greenhouse with no plans whatsoever (and no time constraints either). We happily grabbed whatever seeds looked good to us, a couple dozen peat pots, and hurried home to play in the dirt.

Now my seeds are in charge, and though in was 80 degrees in March here, April has been cool and rainy, even snowy! Our seedlings grow ever taller while we wait until it is safe to move them outdoors. Noah has enjoyed checking on them and watering and exclaiming “oh cuuute” at the teeny tiny strawberry leaves. Here’s hoping that translates into dinner-table excitement.

Our summer vegetable garden, in progress . . .

Seed packets

Little boy holding seed pots

Reusing strawberry boxes as greenhouses

I saw the strawberry-boxes-as-greenhouses on Pinterest. It is helping the little tiny strawberries along, and the peas sprouted in about two days.

Little boy adding dirt to seed pots

Strawberry seedlings

Green bean seedlings

Seedlings in the windowsill

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